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A simple and effective way of almost doubling your storage capacity, the Slide-A-Side Mobile Shelving System is perfect for areas where space is at a premium. By installing a row of mobile shelves parallel to an existing shelving bay, you can slide one set of shelves out of the way, revealing another unit behind them.

Our slide-a-side shelving solutions are fully customisable, with a range of sizes, finishes and security options. Your existing shelving can even be reconfigured and converted to Slide-a-side functionality. Thanks to their utility and ability for customisation, slide-a-side units are particularly popular for walkways and corridors, in facilities as wide ranging as schools, libraries and offices.

By using these traversal areas, you can create safe and effective storage in places where it otherwise couldn’t exist, freeing up space for other functions. This combination of factors has made our slide-a-side units especially popular, and a great choice for your next storage project.

To find out how your business could benefit from slide-a-side mobile shelving, or for any other storage requirements, contact us today.


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