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Picture Racking System

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Picture Racking System

Picture Racking

While most items in storage are important, pictures and artworks are particularly delicate. Institutions such as galleries and museums often have strict space and budgetary requirements, as well as an absolute need to keep their collections safely and securely stored. Invicta Mobile Shelving has a legacy of designing picture racking systems that adhere fully to this brief.

Artworks are securely affixed to vertical racks, which can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on floor rails. Ceiling suspension allows you to keep floors clear for easier traversal or loading, while floor mounting is perfect for areas with high ceilings or other unsuitable structures.

Our picture racking systems offer high density art storage for any private or public space. Our racking solutions can be finished in a variety of colours, making them a perfect option for expanding your gallery space and displaying more of your collection.

Invicta Mobile Shelving has been working in the sector for over 30 years, and our quality of work has gained the trust of renowned institutions. Our clients include Manchester Museum and the Royal Asiatic Society, both of whom have entrusted us to provide racking and storage for a wealth of priceless antiquities.

If you wish to store valuable artwork both efficiently and safely, our range of picture racking is the perfect choice. The compact nature of picture racking ensures that artwork can be accessed easily and viewed in situ, without stacking or touching. On average, our clients find that they can store the same amount of pictures in 70% of their usual space with picture racking.

To learn how our picture racking systems could enhance your space, or to learn more about our mobile storage options, get in touch with us today.


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