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Roller Racking System

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Key Facts

Suitable For Most Floor Types

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Ideal For All Storage Applications

Roller racking is a high-density storage arrangement that eliminates the additional aisles of a conventional static shelving layout. Utilising the additional aisle spaces for shelving on a mobile configuration maximises the available space to give a much higher density storage solution. Roller racking units are standard shelving components mounted upon mobile bases that run effortlessly on tracks which are laid onto existing floors.

To access the required content stored within the shelving, the units are simply rolled apart in order to create an aisle in the desired location, allowing direct access to the item.

Roller racking is intrinsically more secure than open static shelving arrangements as the blocks of shelving can be closed and secured to prevent unauthorised access.

A roller racking system can be installed on any floor type. It is totally freestanding with no fixings, and causes no damage to the floors or floor coverings. Roller racking systems feature modular construction and built-in flexibility, and can be extended or reconfigured if required, or easily relocated to new premises.

Wheel assisted mobile racking is most typically used in libraries and archives within universities and public records offices, as well as for medical records within hospitals.

However, roller racking systems can be installed in any facilities that require better utilisation of storage space, including:

● General Commercial & Office Storage

● Libraries

● Archives

● Offices

● Hospitals

● Doctors surgeries

● Museums

● Universities, Schools and Colleges

● Banking Insurance & Finance

● Solicitors

● Councils

● Government agencies

● TV and Film Industry

● Retail

● Pharmaceutical facilities

● Food storage

● Research.

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Auckland Surgery Croydon

"Invicta’s solution has met our requirement to house all of our patient notes (Lloyd George) in one place"

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Chiltern Firehouse

"Met our brief perfectly"

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Church Lane Surgery

"I was extremely impressed at how quickly the storage was installed, it was installed on the date I was expecting"

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Edmonson Hall Mobile Shelving

"It was great working with you and we couldn't have done it without your help"

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Brockwell Park Surgery

"Shelving very adequate for our needs looks tidy with ample storage."

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Bridge Street Medical Practice

"So pleased with the product. Service was great, friendly team and amazingly quick installation!"

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Goldsmith’s University of London

"Personal service and attention to detail and told the truth not trying to rip us off."

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"Met all our requirements, costs and correspondence"

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University Medical Centre

"Communication was easy either by phone or email and we were always kept in the picture"

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Campbeltown Hospital

"Met all the needs of the project and exceeded our requirements due to the additional free unit."

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