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With more than 30 years of experience designing and installing mobile shelving and mobile storage systems, we’ve built a legacy of trust with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. We’ve carried out work for The Bank of England, University of Oxford, Manchester Museum and the NHS, among many others, and boast an unrivalled repertoire of projects across myriad facilities and industries. Our elegant, functional and cost effective storage will maximise your storage capacity, and help to optimise your storage and retrieval methodologies.



Our six specialist divisions – Durasteel Passive Fire and Blast Protection, Racking Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Mobile Shelving, Ceilings & Partitioning, and Interiors – allow us to provide unique, turnkey solutions and collaborate on custom build designs. With complementary site visits, we gain a complete picture of our clients’ varied and complex needs.


Our five regional offices have led us to work in 24 separate countries to date, with projects ranging from the largest global landmarks and infrastructure projects, including London Heathrow Airport, Dubai Metro and Sadara – the largest chemical complex ever built in the world in a single phase – to the smallest office buildings.


Mobile Shelving, also called Roller Shelving or Roller Racking, is a form of high-density storage that operates on floor tracks, and can be moved backwards or forwards. The space within a mobile shelving system is compacted together, and accessed by rolling the units apart.

The advantage of this compacted mobile storage is that only one aisle is required to access a shelf. This significantly increases the amount of usable storage space, which would otherwise be taken up by the aisles between runs of shelving in a conventional storage system.

The result is a much more efficient storage and retrieval system. Your storage capacity is significantly increased, and items can be accessed more quickly. A range of accessibility options meanwhile allows for manual movement (using a hand wheel located on the end of the unit) or electrical movement (using effortless push-button control), according to your requirements.


Our Mobile Shelving systems are highly adaptable, and have been installed in a wide variety of facilities and businesses. Common examples include doctors’ surgeries, museums, galleries, hospitals, archival facilities, libraries, offices, retail businesses and warehouses.

Our mobile shelving storage system clients include financial institutions such as The Bank Of England; cultural institutions such as the Manchester Museum; academic institutions such as the University Of Oxford; and the NHS’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London, among many others.

Each mobile shelving solution was delivered with a turnkey service, and build to the clients’ precise requirements. In each case, the installation of our mobile shelving solution resulted in either doubling the storage capacity of the area or halving its footprint, compared to a conventional shelving system. Contact us today to receive a tailored quote for your business.

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Crawley, West Sussex

Mobile Shelving For Patient Note Storage

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The Manchester Museum

Manchester, UK

Mobile Shelving and Racking at the Manchester Museum.

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