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Pharmaceutical & Clinical Notes Storage

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Pharmaceutical & Clinical Notes Storage

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Anyone who works in a pharmacy or clinic knows the burden of note taking and record keeping. While some aspects of this process have now been digitised, for many people there is still a significant amount of physical data that needs to be archived and managed. This presents several problems: how do you keep a growing collection of notes and documents; how do you organise it; and how do you make sure you can retrieve something quickly?

Invicta Mobile Shelving offers a flexible solution for storing a growing collection of notes and documents. Our shelving can save as much as 50% of the space used by conventional static shelving, allowing you to store twice as many documents, or use half as much space. It is also flexible enough to be used for a range of document types, and even other pharmaceutical applications, such as cold storage for drugs and samples.

Our Mobile Shelving units are placed parallel to one another on floor-mounted rails. By using either a hand crank or push-button interface, the unit smoothly rolls apart to create a single aisle between two shelves. This means that only one aisle is created at any one time, as opposed to having an aisle for every pair of shelves.

Mobile Shelving doesn’t just save space; it’s also ideal for secure, organised and sensitive storage. Mobile Shelving units can be locked together when not in use, allowing you to keep patient information or other notes safe from prying eyes, even in public areas. Our Mobile Shelving is also compatible with a wide range of accessories, allowing you to store documents of all shapes and sizes, and even mix and match within the same system.

The compact design of our Mobile Shelving means that unlike a long row of shelves, the ends of units are visible at a glance. This allows you to easily categorise or alphabetise shelves, allowing you to locate and access the items you’re looking for much more quickly. Operation of the shelves meanwhile is fast and seamless, with low-friction rails allowing the shelves to move with minimal physical exertion.

Having designed and installed Mobile Shelving for archives, museums, retailers and pharmaceutical firms, we’re also aware of the need for climate control. Our Mobile Shelving operates perfectly at low temperatures, and can be designed to protect the items inside from harm, or keep them in specific atmospheric conditions. The smooth motion and accessories we offer meanwhile ensure that items inside are not jostled or damaged in any way.

Whether you’re looking to store pharmaceutical and surgical notes, surgical tools or medicines, we can produce Mobile Shelving to suit your needs. To discuss your project, the requirements of your organisation or any of our other products and services, get in touch with us today.


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