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Marshall Leasing Ltd

"Matched & beat our expectations! Would definitely recommend Invicta to a friend/customer"

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Marshall Leasing Ltd

Project brief/Initial criteria:
– Maximise File store by using high‐density mobile shelving.

Why did you choose Invicta to complete this project?
– We saw several companies, but Invicta and David Learoyd came over as the only person/Company who knew what he/they were doing – very professional.

Invicta installation performance and timescale comments and rating out of 10:
– 10 out of 10 on installation, performance and timescale

Customer service/project management comments and rating out of 10:
– 10 out of 10

How did Invicta’s solution meet/exceed your initial project brief requirements?
– Matched & beat our expectations!

How would you rate the overall level of service received out of 10?
– 10 out of 10

Any additional comments:
– Would definitely recommend Invicta to a friend/customer

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