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Picture Racking System

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Picture Racking System

Picture racking configurationsInvicta Mobile Shelving is one of the UK’s leading designers and installers of robust, multi-purpose picture racking and art storage configurations, outfitting art galleries and museums for more than 25 years. 

If you wish to store valuable artwork both efficiently and securely, our range of picture racking is the perfect choice. The high-density nature of picture racking ensures that artwork can be accessed easily and viewed in situ, without stacking or touching.

We can configure our picture racking to achieve the maximum storage density possible and offer a range of picture racking colours to blend into the existing aesthetics of your gallery or be used to make a bold statement. If your gallery’s storage demands are growing and space is an expensive commodity, a picture racking system is a popular solution. 

We offer a choice of having a picture racking set-up that is either suspended from above or floor mounted.The advantage of ceiling suspension racking is that your floorspace is kept clear and the floor mounted system is ideal where there are high ceilings or a lack of suitable structure to affix to.

We make every effort to design a picture racking solution which makes the most of the space available at your gallery or museum. Particularly where a significant proportion of the gallery is used for multiple purposes such as exhibitions, functions or workshops. Free up valuable space and increase your art storage efficiency and store the same in 70% the space available and choose from a selection of systems specific to your art storage requirements.

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