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University Sector Storage

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University Sector Storage

University library storage solutionsWith 25 years of experience working with universities and academic institutions, Invicta Mobile Shelving understand that to continue attracting new students, universities require every advantage they can find to maintain their position as a leading university. 

Our mobile storage solutions are designed for universities with dynamic and diverse storage needs and cover every kind of learning material and university equipment.

We also understand that the safety of students and faculty is of utmost importance. That is why our mobile storage solutions have been developed and industry tested, placing safety first while making the most of your available space.

All our mobile storage products are extremely versatile making them ideal for storing a large selection of items – library books and learning resources, student files and exams, gym and athletic equipment, musical instruments and all the educational materials that offer your students the education they deserve.

University file storage

Our mobile storage solutions have many benefits compared to static conventional shelving. With innovative storage designs and solutions, we help your school, college or university achieve reduced administrative costs through the more efficient use of available space all while lowering maintenance costs.

Reach out to our mobile shelving specialists for immediate assistance and we’ll happily answer your questions and discuss your university’s specific storage requirements. Let us help you improve productivity and performance with our innovative storage solutions, adapted to your university’s changing and growing requirements.


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