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Tape Library Storage

Tape library storageTape has been used to store the vast amounts of data in video creation, production and playout as tape is considered to be cheap and moving a tape from A to B is the fastest way to transfer data. Also, capacity is just a matter of adding more tapes. 

As a consequence, tape library storage requirements tend to double every two years and thus overtax an existing tape library and add hours of administrative overheads.

Invicta Mobile Shelving tape library storage system easily scales to keep pace with tape library storage growth and complies with current industry standards recommend for short and long-term tape storage.

Tape library storage

Our mobile shelving division has for the past 25 years worked with museums, film institutes, universities and film archives, designing and installing tape library storage solutions for both access storage and archival storage requirements, giving your library of tapes the maximum allowed life expectancy.

Contact Invicta Mobile Shelving today to discuss your specific tape library storage requirements.


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