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Lloyd George Patient Notes Storage

Lloyd George Patient NotesWhen it comes to robust, secure, multipurpose mobile shelving systems, Invicta Mobile Shelving is one of the UK’s leading designers and installers. We have been designing and installing mobile shelving solutions for the NHS and doctors’ surgeries for over 25 years.

Lloyd George Patient Notes are a common storage media for doctors’ surgeries. As large amounts of personal data are collected and stored in patient notes every day, patient notes generally come under legal and ethical obligations and confidentiality, underlining the importance of secure and efficient patient notes storage.

Mobile Shelving saves you money and space by innovatively increasing your storage capacity by up to 70%. 

Invicta Mobile Shelving’s Lloyd George patient notes storage system is the ideal solution for secure high-density storage of Lloyd George patient notes ensuring there is secure access to patient information when needed.

Our Lloyd George patient note storage is available in two styles:

1.    We produce a narrow shelving system to suit the small Lloyd George notes directly stored on a shelf. 
2.    Alternatively, we can provide storage boxes that the Lloyd George notes can be stored in deeper pull-out box sections.

Lloyd George Patient NotesWhatever the scope of your project, we will design and install a mobile shelving solution to:                  

  • Free up valuable space in your Doctor's surgery or Hospital
  • Increase your medical centre's storage efficiency                    
  • Store the same in 70% of the space available   
  • Offer you a selection of systems specific to your storage requirements                                        

Our expertise and experience in patient notes storage will increase the efficiency of your hospital and offer you the ideal Lloyd George storage solution for securely storing patient notes while maximising the available storage space of an area. 

After discussing your fit-out needs and gaining an understanding of your operations, we produce a space plan to determine the most effective storage solution. This is achieved through our free site survey and space planning service which is available to every customer. Reach out to our mobile shelving specialists for immediate assistance and we'll happily answer your questions.  

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