Mobile Storage, Mobile Shelving & Roller Racking

Mobile Shelving and roller racking are the terms used to describe high density storage systems that operate on floor tracks and can be moved backwards and forwards - all the shelving in a mobile shelving system is compacted together and accessed by rolling the units apart. This results in only 1 aisle being required, significantly increasing the amount of usable storage space that is usually taken up by the aisles between each run of shelving in a conventional storage system.

How mobile shelving works

When an item stored within the mobile shelving is required, firstly the bay where the item is stored is identified and then an aisle is created by rolling the adjacent mobile shelving units away from the required bay using the handwheels located on the end of each run of shelving. The result is a much more effecient storage and retrieval system, with increased capacity and faster accessibility to the items stored. The movement of the mobile shelving units can either be performed manually, through the use of a hand wheel located on the end of the unit, or electrically, allowing effortless push-button control.

All of our mobile shelving systems are designed to conform to the required BS5454 recommendations.

Where is mobile shelving used?

Our mobile shelving has been installed into a wide variety of facilities worldwide, including museums for the storage of artwork, doctors surgeries for patient note storage, hospitals for x ray storage and TV media storage facilities. Our mobile shelving storage system clients include The Bank Of England, Manchester Museum, University of Oxford and London's Queen Elizabeth Hospital. In each case, the installation of our mobile shelving resulted in double the storage capacity of the area or halved the footprint required compared to a convential shelving system.

Our mobile shelving can be supplied with a wide range of accessories to enable you to store your items in the most effecient way. These include garment rails for the storage of clothing, filing rails for the storage of files and various types of dividers in order to divide up storage areas in a logical way. The end panels of the mobile shelving units can even be fully customised to seamlessly fit in with their surrounding environment or can be corporate branded.

NHS facilities are increasingly using mobile shelving for medical records storage, patient note storage, Lloyd George storage and x ray storage, enabling up to twice as many items to be stored compared to using a traditional static shelving system.