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Home Market Sectors
Archive Facility Storage

Archival Documents | Historical Files

Museum Artefact Storage

Art, Artefacts & Rare Collections

Office Work Space Storage

Office Files | Documents | Office Equipment

NHS Sector Storage

Medical Records | Patient Notes | Hospital Files

Laboratory Facility Storage

Laboratory Products | Instruments | Product Labels

Industrial Sector Storage

Tools, Components, Parts & Equipment

Financial Sector Storage

Banking | Legal Notes | Financial Statements | Insurance Papers

Records Management Sector

Documents | Wills | Personal Deeds | Certificates

TV & Film Industry Storage

Film Reels, Tape Libraries & Data Tapes

Pharmaceutical Sector Storage

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic Products

Doctor’s Surgery Storage

Medical Records, Patient Notes & Files

Education Sector Storage

Library Books, Journals & Files

University Sector Storage

Books, Resources & Student Files

Art Industry Storage

Paintings, Portraits & Sculptures

Library Book Storage

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Retail Sector Storage

Retail Products | Merchandise & Stock

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