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BS5454 British Standards

Shelving types, Positioning & Features

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BS5454 British Standards

BS5454:2000 is a British Standard recommendation for the storage and exhibition of archival documents and preservation of archival material. Invicta’s mobile shelving systems are carefully designed to conform to the required recommendations ensuring the shelving type, positioning and features are suited to the preservation of our heritage.


  • A site visit from the manufacturer is essential to assess floor loading requirements and advise on the most suitable storage system
  • The mobile system should be installed onto tracks which are levelled to support the mobile bases
  • Minimum gap of 25mm between runs will help air circulation
  • Smooth movement of bases should ensure the items cannot slide or fall off the shelves
  • To provide security for a closed mobile system security locking can be incorporated. This will prevent unauthorised movement and enhance user safety
  • Operation of all mobile systems should be possible with one hand by operating a geared manual assisted drive system
  • The length of the mobile base will be limited by the imposed load on the base
  • Mobile systems will a height to depth ratio of between 5:1 and 7.5:1 should be fitted with anti-tilt devices. Heights in excess of these measures require bespoke design for stability purposes
  • All operators should be fully trained before use
  • The cladding of spines or rear of every 6th run of shelving would assist in controlling the spread of fire
  • Gangways are recommended to be not less than 1100mm wide
  • Aisles should be not less than 750mm wide

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