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Records Management Sector

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Records Management Sector

Records management and storageWe have provided filing and records storage solutions to our clients for over 25 years. We provide a competitively priced records storage solution for highly confidential archive documents, wills, deeds, drawings and reports. We understand that records management is an important function that adds value to a business.  We appreciate your documents not only need to be securely stored, they need to be accessible to you when you need them.

We specialise in the storage of archival documents of all traditional archival materials and formats, such as paper and parchment documents, books, maps and plans, and cover photographic media common to archives.

We provide bespoke storage solutions and design options for expanding your organisation’s growing storage needs or we can reconfigure your current storage setup to increase your organisation’s existing storage footprint. Contact Invicta Mobile Shelving today to discuss your organisation’s specific storage requirements and let us help you improve productivity and performance with our innovative storage solutions that maximises storage capacity and easily adapts to your organisation’s changing and growing requirements.


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