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How mobile shelving can help you make the most of your workplace

21st October 2021

Improving workplace efficiency

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Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are still away from the workplace or at reduced capacity. While this is not ideal, it does present an opportunity to make physical changes to your workspace, and address any problems or inefficiencies that may have built up over time.

One of the least disruptive and most impactful changes you can make is to your storage solutions for stock, documents or other items. While most would think of traditional shelving, mobile shelving presents a real and compelling alternative – and could bring wide-ranging improvements to your efficiency and productivity.


It’ll save you space

One of the biggest benefits of mobile shelving is how space efficient it is compared to traditional, static shelving. Where traditional shelving systems require an aisle between each shelf for access, mobile shelving does not! Instead, all of the shelves sit on casters within a floor mounted rail. To create an aisle between two shelves, the user simply winds a crank (or pushes a button) to smoothly move the shelves apart.

By eliminating the need for more than one aisle at a time, mobile shelving can as much as halve the space taken up by traditional static shelving. This allows you to make better use of your space, and can even mean that mobile shelving fits into areas you’d never considered for storage, such as foyers, walkways or corridors.


It’ll maximise your storage capacity

This may go without saying, but mobile shelving could increase your storage capacity instead or (or as well as) saving you space. Mobile shelving could potentially double your storage capacity compared to static shelving, and can make a large quantity of different items easy to find by labelling the ends of shelves.

An added benefit of mobile storage is that you aren’t limited to the size you start with. As our mobile shelving is modular and highly adaptable, it can easily be expanded as your storage demands increase. It can also hold a variety of different items depending on what you need, with different trays and other peripherals to hold objects securely in place.


It’s built to last

Invicta’s mobile shelving is designed in-house, and delivered and installed by our expert operatives. This allows us to exert substantial quality controls, and ensure that our mobile shelving meets our rigorous standards. While our shelving requires minimal maintenance, we offer maintenance and service cover to extend the warranty period to 20 years from installation.

While mobile shelving is mechanical, the ease of motion and simplicity of the design mean that it is extremely resistant to technical issues. If you do encounter issues, we can address them at our own service and repair centre. We even offer servicing and repairs for other companies’ mobile shelving, in case this post doesn’t convince you!


It’s easy to install (and move)

Because mobile shelving is more complex than a regular static shelf, many people assume that it will be difficult to install or relocate, and worry about the long-term support for it. Not only have we been installing mobile shelving for decades, we also take a great deal of pride in our rapid installations, with our dedicated engineers installing mobile shelving while the rest of your business or institution continues unabated.

Should you wish to move or expand your system in future, you have a multitude of options. Our mobile shelving is modular in nature and easy to extend or retrofit. There are also a number of companies who provide different forms of mobile shelving, meaning that you won’t be locked in to a proprietary system. However, our planning and experience with the installation will help with any future maintenance or changes!


It’s easy to use

One of the main hurdles any replacement for an established product has to clear is usability. There’s nothing easier to use than a shelf, after all. But while mobile shelving does involve one or two extra steps, it is still extremely easy to use and to access the things you need – whether you’re a spritely 20-something or an office veteran.

Our mobile shelving uses low friction rails to help the shelves glide apart, and reduce the force that needs to be exerted with the hand crank. And if you want to completely eliminate manual action, you can opt for our electric mobile shelving, which allows shelves to part at the push of a button. This is not only easier, but a sleeker option for areas such as libraries, or other public areas where aesthetics may be important.


It’s secure

One obvious drawback to traditional static shelving is that it’s hard to secure. If you want to store anything sensitive, you’ll usually have to lock the entire room, which immediately limits where the shelves can be placed. Shelving which could have been in a public area or thoroughfare now has to occupy valuable space that could have been put to better use.

A huge advantage of mobile shelving is that it can be locked together when not in use. This simple feature keeps your shelving units secure from unwanted access, meaning you can safely store sensitive documents or valuable items in public areas. This not only creates new space, but can bring storage closer to staff, rather than having to traipse off to the storage or stockroom.

These are just a handful of the ways mobile shelving can enhance your workspace. You may not think it, but something as simple as compacting shelves can completely change your approach to storage, and with it the way you structure your work environment. To find out more about our mobile shelving and arrange a complementary site visit, contact us today.

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