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Maximising space and efficiency: the benefits of mobile shelving for businesses

9th October 2023

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In a challenging economic climate, businesses are looking for marginal gains wherever they can find them. With digitisation increasing, one of these is office and workplace storage. More effective space utilisation can play a pivotal role both in saving office space and enhancing productivity – both contributing to a business’ bottom line.

Mobile shelving, also known as compact shelving or roller shelving, is an innovative storage system that offers numerous advantages for companies of all sizes and industries. Below, we will explore the benefits of mobile shelving for businesses, and the capacity it has to revolutionise your organisation’s storage capabilities.


Optimal space utilisation

One of the most significant advantages of mobile shelving is its ability to maximise space utilisation. Unlike traditional static shelving systems, mobile shelving eliminates wasted aisles by consolidating multiple rows of shelving into a compact, movable unit. Multiple shelving units sit on floor-mounted rails, with low-friction rollers and a hand crank or electric motor allowing them to be easily parted.

With the ability to divide shelving units only at the point of retrieval, only one aisle needs to be open at any one time. This means the unnecessary space between aisles is removed, allowing businesses to either significantly increase their storage capacity, or reduce the size of their storage solution. This efficient use of space allows for more products, documents, or equipment to be stored within the same footprint, ultimately saving valuable floor space.


Enhanced storage capacity

With mobile shelving, businesses can benefit from a substantial increase in storage capacity. By eliminating the need for fixed aisles, mobile shelving systems offer up to 50% more storage space compared to conventional static shelving solutions.

This expanded capacity is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with limited floor space, or those looking to optimise their storage area without expanding their premises. It allows companies to store more inventory, files, or equipment within a smaller footprint, making it an ideal solution for everything from warehouses and offices, to libraries, healthcare facilities, and other organisations with high storage requirements.


Improved accessibility and organisation

Mobile shelving systems enhance accessibility and organisation by providing easy and direct access to stored items. Unlike static shelving, where aisles can become congested and accessing items at the back of a unit can be cumbersome, mobile shelving allows for swift movement of shelves to create a desired access aisle.

This feature minimises the time and effort spent locating and retrieving items, boosting productivity and reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, mobile shelving systems can be customised with various storage accessories such as dividers, bins, or bespoke storage trays, further improving organisation and inventory management.


Enhanced security and protection

As well as improving the efficiency of your storage solution, mobile shelving systems also offer enhanced security and protection for stored items. Our mobile shelving units are designed with locking mechanisms to secure sensitive or valuable materials, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to them.

By investing in mobile shelving, businesses can enhance the overall security and protection of their inventory, files, or equipment. This is particularly useful for public-facing areas such as corridors or waiting rooms in medical facilities, allowing for new storage to be added where it would otherwise not have been supported.


Flexibility and adaptability

Unlike racking units, which can be highly specialised, mobile shelving systems are highly versatile, and can be easily adapted to meet evolving storage needs. As businesses grow or change, mobile shelving units can be reconfigured or expanded to accommodate new requirements, and even relocated to a different room or site.

Whether it’s adjusting shelf heights, adding additional units, or integrating new accessories, mobile shelving allows for seamless customization and flexibility. This adaptability makes mobile shelving a long-term storage solution that can grow with your business, saving both time and money in the long run.


Storage for specific use cases

With that said, there are also more specific varieties of mobile shelving for specialised storage. Mobile picture racking is an ideal way to store artworks, either for efficient backroom storage or as a novel means of gallery presentation. The artworks are affixed to rolling or ceiling-suspended vertical racks, which can be placed parallel to one another. Accessing the back is as simple as rolling the front racks to one side, essentially providing many walls’ worth of pictures in an equivalently-sized space.

For small libraries and corridors, we also offer our specialised slide-a-side shelving. Slide-a-side shelving uses a two-deep row of shelves, with each individual shelving unit able to slide to one side to reveal the unit behind it. This means that the front face of shelves is always accessible, with one unit in the back row accessible at any given time. This low-profile system greatly increases storage capacity while also keeping the books or other items accessible, with the shelves sliding aside on low-friction rails.

Mobile shelving provides businesses with a multitude of benefits, ranging from more efficient space utilisation and increased storage capacity to improved accessibility, security, and flexibility. By investing in a mobile shelving system, organisations can optimise their storage space, delaying the need for a costly relocation or site expansion.

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