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8 Underappreciated Benefits of Mobile Shelving

17th January 2020

Moving with the times

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As some of the premier designers and installers of mobile shelving solutions, we’re well acquainted with the ways in which they can help businesses. For those who are unfamiliar with our work, however, it can be difficult to see why they should switch away from traditional shelving to a more mobile and modern solution. Here, then, are eight of the most compelling benefits of mobile shelving for the uninitiated.


1. It’s more efficient

In contrast to static shelving and racking, mobile shelving allows shelves to be compacted together in a ‘concertina’ formation. Using a manual crank or push-button electronic assistance, a single aisle is created between two rows of shelves to access a particular unit, while the remaining shelves remain compacted together.

By removing the vast majority of aisles from your storage space, mobile shelving allows you to store twice as much in the same area — or save half of your current space for other uses. This not only allows your employees to access the right shelf more quickly, but also provides you with additional space out of thin air – giving you the choice of how to use it.


2. It’s highly secure

One of the classic problems with a static shelving or racking solution is that it’s difficult to secure. While the room it’s in can be locked and guarded, the shelves themselves cannot – meaning that anyone with access to the room could potentially take an item without permission. This can be a particular issue if you want to store sensitive documents, or simply don’t want to take any chances on safety and security.

Mobile shelving offers a huge benefit in this regard. Thanks to the concertina mechanism, the shelves are locked tightly together while not in use, with key access options available. This allows you to limit access to specific individuals, and provides an extra layer of security for sensitive or high value items – often necessary in the case of archive storage.


3. It’s super safe

By compacting shelves together, mobile shelving can reduce the distance required to transfer items, thereby reducing the chance of accidents or collisions. The use of a single aisle at any given time also eliminates the potential for items to fall off shelves or be pushed from one side to the other, as would happen with a traditional open-sided shelf or rack.

Despite being partly mechanised, mobile shelving is also extremely safe to operate. The smooth range of motion and option for electronic assistance reduces strain on the operator, and keeps stored items safe from damage. By keeping shelves compacted together, the risk of accidental damage from traversing aisles is also reduced.


4. It’s highly customisable

As one of our most flexible and widely-used storage systems, mobile shelving is by design extremely customisable. With the capacity to store all kinds of items – from sensitive documents and museum pieces to bolts and screws – mobile shelving can be adapted to accommodate different sized boxes, folders or more awkwardly shaped items.

Shelves can be deep or shallow, regular or heavy duty, and fitted with rails or guides to keep items secure. All of this is configured to your precise requirements, with our designers taking precise measurements and engineering each unit to suit both the items being stored and the space the units will occupy.


5. It grows with your business

By installing mobile shelving in place of static shelving or racking, you can free up space for other uses. This gives you more room to expand into as your business grows, whether this is for use as a new partitioned space or for more shelving as you need it.

This additional space not only provides you with more flexibility, but also means you can spend longer in your existing premises without having to consider relocation or expansion. This ensures that your growth isn’t stymied by choosing between new premises, new staff or new storage, and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


6. It’s easily accessible

Static shelving layouts can mean cavernous warehouses and storerooms, requiring individuals to walk up and down looking for the right shelf and then fetching the item. By massively increasing the density of storage, mobile shelving allows users to identify the location of an item and navigate to it much more quickly. This reduces the strain on the individual, particularly if they have mobility or health issues, and can significantly improve productivity.

The means of accessing the mobile shelving is also customisable, and can be made easier depending on the demands of your business. While smooth hand-crank operation of the shelves is the most common option, many businesses also choose electronic push-button access, where the shelves automatically wheel themselves apart. This is ideal for any individuals who may find hand operation difficult, and can further increase productivity.


7. It can boost productivity

Mobile shelving is extremely easy to use, with either manual hand-crank operation or electronic assistance. With smooth rails ensuring that the shelves glide apart and lock firmly together, access is extremely quick.

Compacting shelves together also allows you to easily label the sides of shelves, reducing the time taken to identify the shelving unit that you want to access, as well as the time it takes to navigate to it.


8. It makes financial sense

Above all else, mobile shelving is an incredibly cost-efficient storage solution. Our mobile shelving is competitively priced, and built to the precise specifications of our clients, allowing us to build in efficiencies that don’t exist in off-the-shelf solutions. Plus, by reclaiming 50% of your storage space from static shelving – or adding twice as much storage capacity – your business will gain an asset that allows it to grow and flourish.

With a free site visit, one of our project managers will assess the unique aspects of your storage space, and design a solution that’s both cost effective and suited to your requirements. For a breakdown of how mobile shelving can save you time and money in the long term, and to arrange one of those site visits, get in touch with us today.

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