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5 Ways Mobile Shelving Can Benefit Your Healthcare Business 

11th May 2021

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Our Mobile Shelving units are a valuable tool in all kinds of industries, helping businesses to save space and money, and operate more efficiently. Nowhere is this exemplified better than the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, where margins are often tight, space is at a premium, and efficiency is the order of the day. 

Having worked with numerous healthcare providers, we have a unique insight into the application of mobile shelving to healthcare businesses, and the many ways in which it presents an advantage over traditional shelving. Here are just a few of the scenarios in which you might benefit from deploying mobile shelving, and how it can make you more efficient. 


Lloyd George notes

Over a century on from their introduction, Lloyd George patient records remain in widespread use. These iconic envelopes might contain decades of records about a patient’s health, all conveniently kept and stored by their local surgery, and transported if they ever move. While a project is underway to digitise all patient records and make them available through a single It system, most cannot be destroyed under data protection laws, and so must be retained by surgeries. 

This creates a significant storage burden, particularly as the population served by surgeries continues to grow. If you find that you are running out of space for Lloyd George patient records, mobile shelving may be the solution. By rolling shelves together when they are not in use, only one aisle is ever required at a time. This can save as much as half of the space needed by normal shelving, allowing you to store twice as many records in your storage space, and access them even more easily. 


Patient records 

Lloyd George notes are far from the only patient records that require storage. Hospitals in particular have a variety of documents to keep track of, including records for mental health, maternity, children and young people, and a range of other purposes. This places an increasing burden on hospitals and other care facilities, at a time when efficient use of space and resources is paramount. 

Mobile shelving is both extremely space efficient and highly adaptable, making it perfect for patient record storage. As well as saving up to 50% of the spade used by static shelving, mobile shelving can be adapted to fit different sizes and configurations of documents with our range of accessories. As well as storing different documents, mobile shelving can be easily extended or relocated, in case you wish to relocate in future. 


Clinical notes 

Not all notes within the healthcare industry relate directly to patients. For pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, there is often an onus on storing large amounts of physical documents, recording the development and testing processes. With some drugs taking up to a decade to come to market, this can be a huge burden in terms of  space, as well as maintaining easy and efficient access to particular documents. 

By using mobile shelving, you can easily organise all of your clinical notes in an efficient storage format. Mobile shelving offers up to a 50% reduction in space over a traditional shelving system, allowing you to store twice as much or occupy half as much space. 

Using either a smooth, hand cranked motion or an electronic motor, shelves are easily parted for quick access. By labelling the ends of shelves, this allows you to see where a particular document is at a glance, and only open up that aisle. 


Operating theatres

Shelving isn’t always used to store documents and records, either. In a clinical setting, it’s just as likely to be used to store equipment, ranging from electronic devices to surgical tools and instruments. These must be kept clean and protected, and the shelves themselves must be easy to access and to clean – something that can be hard to achieve with a static shelving arrangement. 

Mobile shelving can be hugely beneficial in this situation. By using mobile shelving in an operating theatre, surgeons and doctors can quickly access tools with minimal effort, using our electronic rotors to automatically open the shelves. 

As our mobile shelving can be locked tight, tools are kept secure from dust or unwanted access, and can be stored more efficiently. Moreover, the ability to move shelves means that they can be cleaned around more easily, and require less cleaning due to being locked together. 



There are few places where organised and efficient storage is more important than pharmacies. With a huge variety of stock and the importance of getting things right, medicines and prescriptions need to be both immediately accessible and distinguishable from one another. With many pharmacies in small buildings or even inside supermarkets, this storage also has to be compact and ultra efficient. 

Mobile shelving fulfils all of these criteria and more. By compacting shelving units together, mobile shelving can fit into even the smallest pharmacies, while our bespoke designs can reduce the number of available shelves. With a range of accessories available, each unit can hold varying sizes and types of medicine, or even notes on patients and orders. 

Our Mobile Shelving is suitable for use anywhere, whether it’s behind the scenes or in view. We offer customisable colours and other features to match your branding, while the units can also be locked when not in use for extra security. The ability to see the end of each shelf at a glance meanwhile allows you to find the right one quickly, and access it easily. 

These applications reflect just a few of the ways we’ve deployed and customised our Mobile Shelving. By talking to one of our project managers, we’ll arrange a complementary site visit, and assess your requirements and the nature of your space. To arrange a visit or for any other enquiries, get in touch with us today

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