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3 Ideal Storage Solutions For Your Next Office Redesign

17th January 2020

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Businesses will go to any lengths to improve efficiency, and office spaces are increasingly coming under scrutiny. Yet for all the rearranging of desks and shuffling of seats, one aspect that’s regularly overlooked is storage. It seems many businesses can hardly conceive of doing away with filing cabinets and cupboards, such is their history in offices everywhere.

The design of storage solutions has moved on a lot, but modern office designs have largely failed to keep pace. With today’s offices increasingly looking to streamline and become more attractive and efficient spaces, it’s worth extending that revolution to your office storage. Here are four ideal storage solutions to help you do just that.


Compact storage

A beautiful office needs beautiful storage. Creative and digital businesses are increasingly opting for open or semi open plan offices, replete with sleek desks and colourful artwork. Yet storage doesn’t seem to have evolved to match.

These offices either improvise with homeware, employ ugly office storage, or forgo proper storage entirely, and store everything in trays on desks. This is both impractical and unideal from an aesthetic standpoint.

Compact storage solutions have emerged as the perfect compromise. Differing more in its design philosophy than its features, condensing storage is simply a way of melding storage into the design of a space.


Mobile shelving

For some offices, space isn’t so much the issue as how best to use it. Larger storage areas may be needed for certain items, such as archives and office supplies, but this is often inefficient. Static shelves can take up entire rooms that might be better adapted to other purposes or could otherwise house more items. Eventually a business may have to construct or expand to a new space to accommodate its increasing storage needs.

Instead of regular, static shelving, a mobile office shelving system may be a more economical solution. By mounting shelves on a floor rail, they can be wheeled apart and pushed back together in a concertina-like motion. This eliminates the need for aisles between every shelving row, with the user creating a single aisle between two shelving runs to access the items within.

Because of this space-saving technique and a number of other optimisations, mobile shelving is amongst the highest capacity storage options available to offices. The same amount of goods can be stored in 50% of the space of a traditional shelving layout, without compromising on accessibility. The ability to lock the shelves together when not in use also makes them more secure than open-fronted shelves, allowing more fragile or sensitive items to be stored in public areas if desired.


Slide-a-side shelving

Oftentimes a business will have limited space while also requiring a lot of storage. In this case, mobile shelving may not quite fit the bill – but storage specialists have another trick up their sleeves. Cramped or narrow offices can’t always cater for these larger and denser systems, and require something that’s uniquely suited to their specific access requirements.

In this case, slide-a-side shelving may fit the bill. Designed specifically for narrow spaces, slide-a-side shelving utilises horizontal space without requiring the depth of a mobile shelving unit. Bookshelf-like units are layered two-deep, with the front layer on a floor mounted rail. The front shelves can then be slid to one side to reveal the shelves behind them, much as you might slide a rolling ladder in a library.

This kind of storage system is best suited to documents, files and books that do not require as much depth and can easily be accessed and withdrawn from only one side of the unit. For businesses looking to take advantage of narrow spaces, slide-a-side is a unique and tantalising storage solution.

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