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Custom parts storage configurationsCreate a custom parts storage system that makes organising parts, components, and tools clear and easy. 
Bring order to the storage of small parts, construct attractive, hard wearing structures for offices and shops, develop a fully integrated storage system for factory parts or workshop components and tools, creating well-designed, hard wearing storage systems which are tough, attractive and adaptable, seamlessly forming fully-integrated storage systems. 

Tools and parts storage

Invicta mobile storage offers a wide range of parts storage solutions that are ideal for commercial and industrial environments. Products include plastic drawer units, containers, louvred panels and feeder trolleys, compact and adaptable, producing storage solutions for anything from nuts and bolts to components and tools and maintenance spares to materials, stored neatly and logically, making stock management and rotation, parts despatch and re-ordering made much easier.

Commonly used in most industries, particularly where small parts need to be sorted and accessed regularly, for example, warehouses, storerooms and factories, workshops, garages, offices, and vans.

Contact Invicta Mobile Shelving today to discuss your specific parts storage needs.

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