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Fixed Lateral Filing Rails

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Fixed Lateral Filing Rails

Invicta Mobile Shelving provides a whole new level of organisation and convenience to your office with our lateral file storage system that helps keep office files in order and easily accessible, while maintaining the physical shape of files.

Our lateral file storage system also allows you to either half the space required for your shelving or double the storage capacity within the same footprint of traditional shelving.
Fixed lateral files hang from a fixed set of rails within the storage unit, and your papers or folders are placed into the fixed hanging file from the shelve face. The hanging files are labelled and usually runs vertically along the front edge of the hanging file.

This means that A4, foolscap or even folio folders can be effortlessly stored within a fixed lateral filing system. Another advantage of a fixed lateral filing system is that the rails are much simpler than a pull-out drawer system, which also makes them much cheaper.

Installation is noise and dust free, and quicker than most other systems. Given that it’s a mounted system requiring no additional building works or fixing to the floor, the Invicta Mobile Shelving’s lateral file storage system is also extremely versatile, arranging files so they run left to right to create organised rows.  We can tailor our lateral file storage system to cost effectively meet your specific requirements and maximise your available storage area.


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