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Medical Centre Storage

Medical Centre Storage

Invicta Mobile Shelving has for the past 25 years worked extensively with healthcare centres and doctors' surgeries providing a wide range of mobile storage solutions for your specific requirements and several different systems depending on the surgery’s requirements.

Invicta Mobile Shelving medical centre storage systems are available in various sizes, with professional designs and a full installation service that conforms to best practices in space planning and design.

Our medical centre storage solutions have been employed by various departments and disciplines within hospitals and doctor’s surgery environments, allowing storage and access, suitable for numerous clinical products and patient information.  

We custom-build our medical centre storage solutions to cost effectively meet your specific requests and increase your available medical storage area and devised to function perfectly in today’s complex and demanding Health centres and doctor’s surgery environment.

We have developed products to comply with healthcare regulations, best practices and we continuously look to enhancing our product range to meet the developing needs of the healthcare environment.

  • Free up valuable space in your Medical Centre
  • Increase your Medical Centre's storage efficiency                    
  • Store the same in 70% of the space available                    
  • Offer you a selection of systems specific to your storage requirements                    
  • Offer you a range of storage systems that can be manually assisted or electronically controlled                      
  • Includes a free onsite survey and a dedicated project team

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