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Library Book Storage Shelving

Library Book Mobile Shelving Systems

The Invicta Mobile Shelving library book storage system delivers more compact storage in a library environment by either freeing up half the area usually dedicated to static shelving layouts or creating twice the library book capacity than traditional static shelving systems within the same footprint area.

For efficient use of library book space, particularly where a significant proportion of the library is used for multiple purposes such as reading, studying and IT workstations, our mobile shelving solution offers many advantages over static library shelving, like freeing an open floor space area for exhibitions and talks.

Our library book storage solution range includes both traditional and vibrant designs, customised to fit library storage areas and designed to fit the library décor and storage areas available to maximise space utilisation. The dedicated design suits the user and library collection needs – we offer solutions without compromise.

Designed to protect your precious collections and provide for safe and convenient retrieval, the Invicta Mobile Shelving library book storage system maximises the space of your repository and offers a dedicated shelving design that is best suited for your library collection.

The finer details of a storage system ensure that a library collection, whether that be for rare books or a county council loan stock, is stored correctly and does not compromise the item being stored.


Whatever the scope of your project, we will design and install a mobile shelving solution to:

                    Free up valuable space in your Library                    

                    Increase your Library’s storage efficiency                    

                    Store the same in 70% of the space available                    

                    Offer you a selection of systems specific to your library storage requirements                    

                    Offer you a range of storage systems that can be manually assisted or electronically controlled                      

                    Includes a free onsite survey and a dedicated project team

After discussing your library’s fit-out needs and gaining an understanding of your library operations, we produce a library space plan to determine the most effective storage solution for your library. This is achieved through our free site survey and space planning service which is available to every customer.

With nationwide coverage across the UK, reach out to our mobile shelving specialists for immediate assistance and we'll happily answer your questions.  

For more information, click to request a brochure.             To get in touch with us, click to call the number above.

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